Housing in Paradise (HIP)

Housing in Paradise (HIP)

Paradise currently has 130 homeless people who sleep in their cars, on someone’s couch or on a park bench according to the most recent 2018 U.S. Census for Paradise, Butte County. 

There is no homeless shelter in Paradise.  HIP is a group of about ten people who meet once a month at St. Nicholas to find creative solutions to homelessness on the ridge.  We are looking at the “Master Lease Program” which has been very successful in Chico.  HIP will become the “tenant” and take over the “Master Lease” on a four or five bedroom home or a two bedroom apartment etc. 

We would work with SHOR to find people looking for housing who have the ability to contribute $450 per month. 

HIP screens those to live in the house, does repairs needed and works with the individuals to create a successful living community. We need to raise $7,000 before we can begin with our first home.  The budget needed is for liability insurance, deposit and first and last month rent, utilities, and household items.  If you would like to help us provide for our homeless in Paradise please donate to “Housing in Paradise.”  Contact Pastor Ann Sullivan with questions 530-513-4492.  Thank you.

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