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  February 2020  
Kitchen Manager & Head Chef, L&F Outreach Coordinator, Children's Ministry

Lorraine Hambleton

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My name is Lorraine Hambleton and I came to the Loaves and Fishes Program in 2008.  A friend suggested our Stirling City Church come and serve a meal one Saturday a month.

I realized immediately that this program was special!  I enjoyed being part of something God has called us to do which is to feed and take care of His sheep.

Blessing and serving the people of our community physically and spiritually is my,passion as well as sharing The Word of God!!!

My desire is to show people by my own actions and example how to live out God’s Word by Faith and obedience to it, loving one another as Christ has loved us!!!

Lorraine has a beautiful way of gathering up “workers for the harvest”.  She gathers children, youth and adults of all ages and stages to serve and bless the people.  All are welcome!